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Improve Your Corporate Communication

Team Building Session


Offerings range from half-day team workshops, custom team training and fun presentation skills assessments & activities for your team offsite. PrepTalk has spoken at company meetings, developed custom training programs for internal leadership development programs, and crafted a range of spokesperson training programs to determine the communications skills across your team for such activities as customer meetings, tradeshow/conference presentations and building a solid bench of corporate spokespeople.

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They say no two snowflakes/fingerprints/people are the same and that's truer than true when it comes to how we communicate. You can be a fantastic speaker and still need help crafting a compelling story. You can be the CEO and still find you aren't being powerful *and* authentic. Maybe you find yourself rambling or battling a belly-full of butterflies. Our individual challenges require individual programs - whether it's one day or coaching over weeks or even months. PrepTalk builds what's right for you - based on where you are now and where you deserve to be.

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Whether it is a T3 (train-the-trainer) program to teach your internal learning teams the ins and outs of adult learning theory, or developing custom training content for licensing across your organization, PrepTalk can help your Learning & HR teams expand your organization's presentation and communications skill sets through programs like Presentation Leadership and the Spokesperson Certification Series.

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Whether you are a seasoned spokesperson or new to the role, customized training will put you in the hot seat that is perfectly tuned to your skill level. You'll be challenged to build those media engagement muscles, but in a safe and supportive way so that you walk away with improved skills and reflexes for answering questions and engaging the influencers that matter the most to you.

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