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Public Speaking Training for Executives

I launched PrepTalk in 2012 after a 20-year career helping leaders communicate better. The thing I learned is that no matter the location on the org chart, nearly everyone faces some barrier to communicating as clearly and confidently as they'd like.​


For years, I watched these truly talented executives approach presentation training with an almost apologetic stance - as though they should have come into the world a fully articulate being. But the reality is that the elements that make a great speaker - authenticity, confidence, clarity (and about 20 other qualities!) - are not those that come naturally to most of us.  The trick to being great is to keep that center of authenticity - so that you can still communicate clearly and confidently and in a compelling way - but you don't ever need to feel like you are faking it.​


One of the ways we make that happen is that there is no rinse-and-repeat training here. Think of PrepTalk as your personal trainer - handing you weights and stretching exercises customized to your unique level of experience. A strong focus on on-camera practice means participants walk away with not only some intensive practice, but with an increased level of self-awareness. Sessions are fun and engaging - but also challenging and thought-provoking. Kirsten brings empathy, humor and most of all authenticity to any training engagement.​


"Strengthening your presentation muscles isn't about fixing what's wrong;

it's about making yourself strong where it matters." ~ Kirsten Birkeland

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